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Whether you are looking for a 99-years leasehold or a freehold new launch development; property near to MRT, in the suburbs or in locations within the prime Singapore property districts ...

We offer all the latest new launch project details, sales summary and price guide at your fingertips - all these are being updated almost every day!

Explore The Possibility To Upgrade Your House COMFORTABLY!


If you are looking to buying new launch residential property in Singapore and don't know where and how to start off with, you can find essential information and analysis on every new launch project here, as well as useful research findings to help you with your property-buying decisions.

For home buyers and/or real estate investors looking for a good deal, we strike our best to offer user-friendly and filterable options that let you access important information easily to ease your new property buying process.

ARTRA Condo Pocket Terrace


Series of cooling measures slow down the new launch condo market ...

Is now the best time to go in?

Northwave EC Waterfall

Executive Condo

Income ceiling raised from $12,000 to $14,000.

What factors to consider before buying an EC?

Belgravia Green Cluster House Gardenscape


Land scarcity in Singapore is a fact.

Is landed property an exclusive property investment in Singapore?


It is time to rethink whether you really need a car!

These new launch developments are strategically located near to MRT station(s) — within walking distance, within 500m to be specific. Living in one of these, enjoy the convenient way to travel across Singapore without much hassle.


Freehold properties hold a few key advantages over leasehold. The most important one is, the property owner can hold the property indefinitely!

Here are some of the best freehold/999-years leasehold properties in Singapore, including private condos/apartments, landed & cluster houses.


Which are the most popular new condos in 2019 (so far) and why?

After the cooling measure on July 6, 2018, buyers are more cautious and price-sensitive. Why are these developments still holding healthy take-up rates? Sentiments in the private residential market continue to be buoyant and many would still proceed to purchase if they think that a project’s pricing is reasonable. Let's explore whether these condos are worth their asking prices.


We all love a good deal, and Singaporeans are huge believers in the property investment game. Discover a handful of new condos in Singapore, come at price point ideal for home buyers and/or real estate investors - below $800,000!


We Believe That The Purpose of Everything We Do Should Be This – To Improve Our Services To Our Clients. Your Benefits Are Always Our Top Priority!

Our aim is to help you make money through your property investment – Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing!

We will first understand your desires and needs, depending on your financial situation, your customized property investment plan can be put into action immediately.

The entire process for selling and/or buying property can be very complicated. As a responsible real estate salesperson, we not only help you to handle the complicated paperwork, we go through step-by-step on your financing and housing planning, we help you in the negotiation part, which can be very challenging, and it is always better to be handled by a middleman like us!


Are you looking for a private residential property to buy in Singapore?

  • You may get confused and don’t know which is the best option for you, among all the private residential property options in the market. Should you go for the new launches, TOP soon developments, sub-sale or resale market?
  • You may have doubt on your mortgage affordability. What kind of properties can you buy based on your household income?

Let us handle all these for you.

  • We will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different property options, recommend an experienced banker to assist you on your home loan needs, and more …
  • We will also generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free – for any of your preferred choice of property.

Existing Home Owners, you may consider the following options to ease your mortgage load:

  • To use the sales proceeds to finance your new private residential property purchase, if you were to sell your existing house.
  • To use the rental proceeds to offset the monthly mortgage payments for your new private property, if you were to keep your existing house.

Let us understand your desires and needs and work out a financial plan for you. Based on the facts and figures, find out whether it is worth to sell and move, or just stay put.


Let's meet for a Non-Obligatory casual discussion today. You will be SURPRISED at the insights that we will share with you …

With your permission, we will work out a PROPER FINANCIAL & TIMELINE PLAN that suits you the best!

Explore the possibility to Upgrade Your House Comfortably WITHOUT FORKING OUT EXTRA CASH from your own pocket
The MUST-HAVE CALCULATIONS and DATA to recognize your Current Financial Standing in order for you to plan ahead
Tips to accumulate your wealth through a SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE CPF USAGE PLAN
How to create and execute a PROPERTY SAVINGS PLAN
A far-sighted “ROADMAP” that will allow you to RETIRE COMFORTABLY
How you can qualify for special DIRECT DEVELOPER PRICING, especially during the official launch and show flat preview

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