Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty

The Essential Guide To Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty In Singapore

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Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty For Buying Private Residential Property in Singapore

Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) is a tax charged on second and subsequent residential property purchases located in Singapore.

New Launch Properties - Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty
Nationality1st Property2nd PropertySubsequent Property
Singapore CitizenNA12%15%
Permanent Residents5%15%15%

ABSD Exempted (if buying 1st Residential Property)

  • Foreigners Eligible for ABSD Remission under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
  • Conditions for Remission Under the respective FTAs, Nationals or Permanent Residents of the following countries will be accorded the same Stamp Duty treatment as Singapore Citizens:
    • USA
    • Iceland
    • Norway
    • Liechtenstein
    • Switzerland

ABSD Rates and Remission for Married Couples

  • Joint Purchase Made by a Married Couple who Does Not Own Any Residential Property
    • A married couple with at least one SC spouse jointly purchasing a residential property, where both the spouses do not own any residential property at the time of purchase, can apply for full ABSD remission.
  • Joint Purchase of Second Residential Property by a Married Couple
    • A married couple with at least one SC spouse is eligible for ABSD refund on their second property if they sell their first property within 6 months after the date of purchase/TOP/CSC, whichever is applicable.
ABSD Rates and Remission for Married Couples Table 1
ABSD Rates and Remission for Married Couples Table 2
ABSD Rates and Remission for Married Couples Table 3
ABSD Rates and Remission for Married Couples Table 4


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