Asset Progression Planning

Is It Possible To Upgrade Your House Comfortably Without Forking Out Extra Cash From Your Pocket?
And Have A Good Amount of Spare Cash & Reserve Funds Created?

You may be thinking ...
  • I don't have enough money for that.
  • I don't know where to start and how to do it.
  • It is too risky, especially with the increasing standard of living in Singapore.
  • Is this possible?
  • I have fully paid off my HDB. I am Debt Free!!!

Property Prices Had Gone Up Few Folds In The Last 20 Years

It will continue to go up in the next 10 to 20 years, due to the projected population growth by 2030, limited land in Singapore.

Have You Taken Advantage On It?

Have you ever wondered why many families with just a household income of $8k and above, can upgrade to a condominium?

HDB owners who bought their HDB flats BEFORE 2014
Do you know you can now potentially UPGRADE TO A CONDOMINIUM or OWN THE 2ND PROPERTY

Safety net for you and your family

Without touching your current savings

Create some spare cash for “rainy days”

Create some reserved funds that can finance your monthly housing instalments for a few years

Create passive income through your 2nd property

Common Misconceptions

Many ELIGIBLE HDB owners miss out on this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY
because they have the COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS that hold them back …

They believe that they need to fully pay off their HDB flat before they can even consider upgrading

Upgrading means higher installment and putting down more upfront cash. I haven’t saved or earned enough yet to afford it

My HDB loan is fully cleared and I’m debt free now. Why should I take up a loan again?

I don’t want to overstretch my financial commitment

Wouldn’t It Be A Huge Pity If You Can Actually Afford To Upgrade Comfortably But Did Not?


Case Study 1

How To Upgrade Your House Comfortably Without Forking Out Extra Cash From Your Pocket?

Couple (Mr & Mrs Teo), they are both 35 years old. They have a combined income of $10,500. A family of 4 and owned a Bishan HDB 5-room flat worth $726,000. Their initial plan was to pay off their HDB loan within the next four years and start saving to upgrade to a condo.

However, with the right advice and understanding of their financial situation, they are happy to realise that they can upgrade without having to wait for another four years. And the best thing is that they don't have to come out with extra cash!

They have upgraded to a brand new private condo at their choice without touching any of their savings. They also own a 2nd property comfortably collecting rental every month. They have a reserved fund of $240,795 to take care of their monthly mortgage for 4, 8 or 33 years plus.

Case Study - How To Upgrade Your House Comfortably

Do not wait till you have fully paid up your HDB and then decide to buy another one!
I met a lot of owners that spent 20 to 30 years of their lives working hard to pay up for one property.

That is the most COMMON and most REGRETTABLE MISTAKE one can make in life …

Let’s discover many practical tips and techniques to GROW YOUR CURRENT ASSETS like my SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS!

I Have Fully Paid Off My HDB. I Am Debt Free!!!

CAUTION: If you are a typical HDB homeowner who services your housing loan with your CPF OA savings, you might be building the biggest obstacle to your retirement plan.

Case Study 2

How Can A Couple Who Bought A HDB Flat At $420,000 And Sold It For $570,000 Received $0 Cash???

Couple (Mr Daniel & Ms Jasmine) bought their HDB flat at $420,000. 9 years later when they decided to sell it at $570,000, they thought that they had made about $150,000 ($570,000 - $420,000) ...
However, to their horror, after settling the accrued interest, they DID NOT GET A SINGLE DOLLAR out of it!!!

Case Study 2 - CPF Accrued Interest Negative Sales

Unbelievable Proven Asset Progression Strategy

CPF pays you interest every year.

With all or most of your CPF OA savings used to pay for your house, the CPF usage still needs to generate that INTEREST
Who will pay the interest?

YOU will need to PACK BACK that interest NOT CPF!

The higher the CPF accrued interest accumulated & compounded, means the lesser cash on hand for you after selling your HDB.

How Huge Could The CPF Accrued Interest Be?

Let’s assume you have CPF OA savings of $200,000. Every year you could have earned 2.5% interest if you leave the money inside CPF.
One day, you decide to use this CPF fund to pay for your house.

From that moment:
You will STOP earning the 2.5% interest from CPF
You will have to PAYBACK the $200,000 plus the interest that you were supposed to earn when you sell your house

For every $200,000 worth of CPF savings, at CPF interest rate of 2.5%
In 5 years, $200,000 will grow to $226,282
In 10 years, $200,000 will grow to $256,017
In 20 years, $200,000 will grow to $327,723

Do note that this interest will KEEP ON INCREASING if you do nothing about it!

Because you use your CPF to pay for your house, it will result in a loss of interest of $26,282, $56,017, $127,723 or more …

Imagine one day you need a considerable sum of money for child’s education fee, sudden emergencies, loss of income, retirement, etc. You thought that you could downgrade your HDB to get some cash.

After selling your HDB, you need to pay back the CPF interest. That means lesser cash on hand for you after selling your HDB.

Worst case scenario, the capital appreciation of your HDB is not high enough to cover the loss of interestNegative Sales!

Sadly, downgrading may be no longer an option for you to get some cash when you need it the most!

Let’s explore how to have your CPF FUNDS WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY by earning more interest by itself, instead of “eating up” your earnings!

By Upgrading To The Right Property, It Will Help You …

BUILD a STRONG SAFETY NET for your retirement

CREATE PASSIVE INCOME with little or no extra financial commitment

ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM for you and your family

EXPAND YOUR ASSET PORTFOLIO through rock-solid property investment plans

LEAVE a LASTING LEGACY for your loved ones to benefit from

Unfortunately, The Real Estate Market Is Full Of Pitfalls For Those Who Are Not Prepared!

Before getting into it, let us share with you STRATEGIES with CAREFUL FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS that every existing homeowner MUST KNOW, to have MAXIMUM IMPACT ON RETURN and enjoy a STRESS-FREE INVESTMENT.

It is essential to know:

What are the available options in the property market
How to choose the best property in the market for your needs
How to upgrade or buy a second property without financial stress
How to leverage on financial tools that you never knew existed
How to acquire a property without depleting your savings
How to select high upside potential property which is undervalued
How to understand buyer’s and seller’s psychology to always be making money
How to make Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty your friend

Many homeowners have hidden potential which they do not know.
Let us help you discover the ways to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL so that you can give your loved ones a FINANCIALLY SECURE FUTURE!

Don’t Say “NO” Till You Have Spoken To Us!

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