EC Benefits

Why Buying EC Executive Condo Is A Better Choice?

Explore The Possibility To Upgrade Your House COMFORTABLY!

Explore The EC Benefits

There must be many attractive EC Benefits to support why ECs are getting so popular in these few years.

  • Executive Condo projects are designed and built by private developers. Therefore
    • Executive Condos are always come with a great design comparable to Private Condo.
    • Executive Condos are always as good as Private Condo in facilities and quality.
    • EC buyers will be able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle.
  • The government will sell the land (reserved for executive condo projects) to private developers at lower prices. Therefore
    • The price for EC is generally lower than Private Condominium. Value for money.
    • EC buyers will be able to enjoy a much lower purchase price.
    • Lower capital outlay.
  • If you are first-timer applicants, you are eligible to receive up to $30,000 ($30,000 / $20,000 / $10,000) in CPF Housing Grant.
  • Executive Condo unit can be sold under private condo status after five years to SC and SPR, to foreigners after ten years.
  • A larger pool of potential buyers to tap on in the future. Likely to be sold at a good profit. Potential higher capital appreciation in future.
  • Executive Condo offers an excellent rental yield. With design and facilities like a Private Condo, rental is likely to be as good as Private Condo.

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