EC Normal Progressive Payment Scheme

Scheduled Payment To The Developer According To The Progress Of The Development

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​Progressive Payment Schedule for Buying New Launch Executive Condo

When you opt for EC Normal ​Progressive Payment Scheme, you make instalment payments in tandem with the construction progress.

The Progressive Payment Schedule for buying new launch EC deals - with the Executive Condo development that is in the process of being built.

  • It refers to the payment by instalments, typically 5 – 10 per cent. When the construction works reach a specific milestone, the developer will call for the payment from the EC buyers.
  • During the initial stages, payments are far apart. Payments become more constant from 4th stage onwards.
    • For example, you would pay the developer one instalment upon the completion of the foundation, one more payment when the walls are up, one more when the roofs are ready, etc.

EC Normal Progressive Payment Scheme (LTV 75%)

Stage % Description When to Get Ready Payment Mode
1st 5% Booking & Obtaining Option To Purchase Day 1 Cash
Payment of Resale Levy

  • If the 1st subsidised flat already been sold. Pay at the HDB Branch, before EC Buyer signs the S&P.
  • If the 1st subsidised flat is not sold yet, pay upon the sale of the 1st subsidised flat, within six mths from the date of TOP
Buyer to engage solicitor (~ $3000)
Buyer to select the Mortgage Loan (Stamp fee ~$500)
Buyer to submit documents to HDB
Buyer's Stamp Duty Within two weeks upon signing S&P Cash or CPF OA
15% Downpayment Within nine weeks from the Date of Option Cash or CPF OA
2nd 5% Completion of Foundation Work
Cash or CPF OA
5% Bank Loan
3rd 10% Completion of Reinforced Concrete
Bank Loan
4th 5% Completion of Brick Wall
Bank Loan
5th 5% Completion of Ceiling / Roofing
Bank Loan
6th 5% Completion of Doors & Windows Frames are in position, the Electrical Wiring & Plumbing & Internal Plastering
Bank Loan
7th 5% Completion of Car Park, Roads and Drains
Bank Loan
8th 25% Obtaining Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)
Bank Loan
9th 15% Upon Production of the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)
Bank Loan

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