Integrated Developments In Singapore

What Is Integrated Development?

In our current busy work life, it is getting more challenging to have a balanced lifestyle. Hence a new class of developments are initiated and curated to meet the increasing demand and offers the complete solution that en-encompassing Live, Work and Play concept.

Definition of Integrated Development

Definition of Integrated Developments

Integrated Development comprises Premium Private Residential, Retail and Commercial sectors. The vibrant Mix Development integrates with transportation access such being built directly above the MRT Station or with direct access to the MRT and air-conditions Bus interchange.

These amalgamated developments bring seamless connectivity that provides time efficiency and convenience. It’s a holistic platform.

With arrays of retail malls, including big spaces for large supermarkets, restaurants, food courts, enrichment classes, banks, cinemas or even community centres, it’s a one size fits all development.

Is There A High Demand For Integrated Developments?

Given the Scarcity, Exclusivity and Convenience, Integrated developments have been highly sought after by homeowners and investors. Take-up rates and resale in these developments are strong and healthy.

High Demand for Integrated Developments

It’s a complete network that each sector will facilitate the strong support and sustainability to each other, which in turn brings a total holistic living to Residents and Users.

How Did The Integrated Developments PERFORM In The Resale Market Now???

North Park Residences - Profits as High as $470k
Performance of North Park Residences
Bedok Residences
Performance of Bedok Residences
Performance of Watertown

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Highly Anticipated Integrated Development at Sengkang Central, successfully awarded to CapitaLand & CDL. This joint venture is a clear value-creation potential that will bring this Integrated Development to a new level.

We are so excited to share this blockbuster development only because of Demand Outstrips Supply.

Call us now to find out more about this upcoming development.