Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo Floor Plans

Well-Designed Units With Spacious And Optimized Layouts

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo Floor Plans

Layout With Excellent Liveable And Usable Space

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo is a beautiful home deliberately kept low-rise, nestled on a quiet street with tranquil surrounding and preserves its exclusivity. It boasts quality and class and serves as space for relaxation and moments of serenity.

Totalling 498 exquisite residential units (1- to 3-bedroom, 3- to 5-bedroom penthouses) and 50 units of strata landed houses (4- and 5-bedroom), across 11 blocks of the five-storey mid-rise condo.

The layout of each unit in Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo reflects the elegant and straightforward modernity of the overall architecture. Every condo unit will enjoy the most favourable layout plan that draws out the best of each space. There is always a place for everyone here.

Here, we have included all the Kent Ridge Hill Residences Floor Plans (with filterable options). You may select the particular bedroom type(s) and explore further their thoughtful layout.

Bedroom Types Unit Types SQFT No. of Units
1 Bedroom A1-P/ A1/ A1-H / A1b-H/ A2-P 474 – 603 125
1 Bedroom + Study AS1-P / AS1 / AS1-H/ AS1a-P / AS1a / AS1a-H / AS2-P 517 – 646 51
2 Bedroom Compact B1-P / B1 / B1-H/ B2 / B2-H / B2a / B2a-H 646 – 743 64
2 Bedroom Premium BP1-P / BP1 / BP1-H / BP2-P / BP2 / BP2-H / BP3-P / BP3 / BP4-P 786 – 904 52
2 Bedroom + Study BS1-P / BS1 / BS1-H / BS2-P / BS2 / BS2-H / BS3-P / BS3 / BS3-H / BS4P / BS4 / BS4-H / BS5-P / BS5 / BS5-H 743 – 893 87
3 Bedroom Compact C1-P / C1 / C1-H 883 – 1001 13
3 Bedroom Deluxe C2-P / C2 / C3-P / C3 / C3a / C3a-P 947 – 958 38
3 Bedroom Premium CP1-P / CP1 / CP2-P / CP2 1044 – 1076 40
PH 3 Bedroom + Study CSPH1 / CSPH2 / CSPH3 1399 – 1442 6
PH 4 Bedroom DPH1 / DPH2 / DPH3 / DPH4 1518 – 1927 12
PH 5 Bedroom + Study EPH1 / EPH2 / EPH2a 1776 - 1787 10
Strata Terrace 4 Bedroom T1 / T1A 1830 36
Strata Terrace 5 Bedroom T2 / T2A 2067 14
Total 548

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Kent Ridge Hill Residences

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