Parkwood Collection Pricing Updates

Lorong 1 Realty Park
District 19
Out of Central Region
  • 16 September 2021 4:17pm

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Parkwood Collection Price Guide for Available Units Updates

A Consolidation of Important Pricing Information For Available Units.

We offer the following Price Guide for available units at your fingertips. It comes with a filterable function so that you can zoom in to look at the particular bedroom type, unit type, size in SQM & SQFT, the minimum and maximum price. All these are being updated regularly! As long as there are transactions that occur, here will be updated. 

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Updated as of 16 September 2021 4:17 pm.

Bedroom Type Min Price Max Price
Semi-Detached 3,823,000 4,958,000
Terrace 0 0

Bedroom Type Unit Type # of Units Sqm Sqft Min Price Max Price
Semi-D 1A 7 419 4,510 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1A (Beside 2D) 1 419 4,510 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1A-1 7 419 4,510 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1B 1 452 4,865 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1B (Abutting Retaining Wall) 1 452 4,865 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1B (Besides Swimming Pool) 18 452 4,865 3,823,000 4,081,000
Semi-D 1C 2 528 5,683 4,459,000 4,459,000
Semi-D 1D 2 413 4,446 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1D (Abutting 1Da) 1 413 4,446 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1Da 1 470 5,059 Sold Sold
Semi-D 1E 1 411 4,424 Sold Sold
Semi-D 2A 1 601 6,469 Sold Sold
Semi-D 2A-1 1 552 5,942 Sold Sold
Semi-D 2B 1 564 6,071 4,880,000 4,880,000
Semi-D 2B-1 1 577 6,211 4,958,000 4,958,000
Semi-D 2B-2 1 555 5,974 4,588,000 4,588,000
Semi-D 2B-3 1 530 5,705 Sold Sold
Semi-D 2C 1 446 4,801 Sold Sold
Semi-D 2D 1 534 5,748 4,396,000 4,396,000
Terrace 3A 1 426 4,585 Sold Sold
Terrace 3B 1 421 4,532 Sold Sold
Terrace 3C 1 426 4,585 Sold Sold

We offer the following Past Sale Transactions Summary (from the Year 2017 till date) for your reference and consideration. All these are being updated regularly! Please don't hesitate to contact us at 9004 6396 for more info (e.g., past transactions before 2017, stacks, storeys, etc.)!


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