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The Watergardens At Canberra Showflat Address: Along Sembawang Vista, next to Sembawang Bus Interchange (S757527)

Thinking of visiting The Watergardens At Canberra Showflat (Sales Gallery) to find out the quality of the finishes, appliances provided, craftsmanship and layout planning? Yes, the best way to find out more about this development is to arrange a SHOWROOM VIEWING with us, to familiarise yourselves with the actual condo location. Let’s be here to physically see, touch and feel the layout, the furnishing, the environment and more. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your choice units.

The Watergardens At Canberra Showflat Show Units

Viewing is strictly by appointment only. Please kindly register or call us at 90046396 for much precise information and priority accessibility for hassle-free experiences.

Every home in The Watergardens At Canberra is created with your needs in mind. Have the comforts of innovative technology and features that make living effortless and seamless. Let’s explore how these apartments are fitted with the most excellent fixtures and fittings with thoughtfully designed spaces.

Smart Home Features

  • UV CleanAir
    Air in elevator cabins is regularly sanitised and purified for safer use
  • Digital Door Lock Set
    Unlock the door via fingerprint, PIN code, the mobile app, mechanical key and access card
  • Visitor E-invite
    Pre-register your visitors and send them a QR code
  • Facility Booking
    Book condominium facilities via mobile app and gain access to facilities via access card
  • Smart Home Hub
    Manage your smart devices, remote surveillance and 2-Way audio communication
  • Smart Aircon Control
    Set on/off, temperature, fan speed, mode and time schedule from the mobile device
  • Rent & Ride a Bike
    Instant booking and ride

Kitchen Appliances

  • Induction Cooker Hob (Electrolux)
  • Cooker Hood (Electrolux)
  • Oven (Electrolux)
  • Fridge (Electrolux)
  • Washer cum Dryer (Electrolux)
  • Washer (Electrolux)
  • Dryer (Electrolux)
  • Wine Chiller (Vintec)

Sanitary Fittings

  • Master Bath
    • Overhead shower/ handheld shower (Grohe)
    • Mixer (Grohe)
  • Junior Master Bath/ Bath 2, 3
    • Handheld shower (Grohe)
    • Mixer (Grohe)
  • Kitchen/ Wet Kitchen
    • Mixer (Franke)
  • WC
    • Mixer (Monic)
    • Bip Tap (Inspirione)

Sanitary Wares

  • Master/ Junior Master Bath/ Bath 2, 3
    • Basin (Geberit)
    • Wall-mounted water closet (Geberit)
  • Kitchen/ Wet Kitchen
    • Sink (Franke)
  • WC
    • Basin (Cassanova)

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2 Bedroom Premium (2P2)

3 Bedroom (3C2)

4 Bedroom (4P1)

What You Should Do For A Fruitful The Watergardens At Canberra Showflat Viewing?

From our previous experiences, we've had some homebuyers who are not familiar with the new launch property buying process. Or, they haven't done their financial/timeline planning before the viewing. Therefore, they are not sure of the type of units they are qualified.

All these may cause them confused at that point of purchase, and end up buying a house not so ideal. What if they end up buying a home that is beyond what they can afford? Or, they may feel disappointed when they realised that they couldn't get their desired unit.

There is some homework to prepare before your showflat viewing, to make your showflat viewing trip a meaningful session.

Too complicated? No worries, you may give us a call, we are always glad to schedule a FREE Sharing Session with you. Let us help you find out all these figures, analyse and plan out a proper financial/timeline plan, CPF strategy, etc.

Full of Investment Opportunities and Upside Potential

More Project Details Like Unit Mix, Location & Nearby Amenities, Facilities, Floor Plans, Showflat, Competitive Market Analysis, Available Units Pricing Updates

Depends on the developments and your preferred choice units & bedroom types, some of the limited choice units are very quickly snatched.

By registering your interest in the project with us today, we will update you on any new progress to the project, like location, facilities, showflat, floor plans, comprehensive analysis/review, sales summary, and pricing updates. More importantly, perhaps, you will be the first to be notified of the exciting, good news like Developer Discounts, Star Buy Units and more.

It is always wiser to be well-prepared in advance; you can then buy an ideal home and wealth creation asset out of logical thinking instead of out of emotion.

Register Your Interest

Complete the form to stay tuned with all the latest updates and qualify for developer discounts (limited time) and privileges. Please do not hesitate to call us at 9004 6396 now for the quickest reply.

Reach Out to Developer Sales Team

Let's meet for a NON-OBLIGATORY showroom viewing and casual discussion today.

Be here to physically see, touch and feel the layout, the furnishing, the environment and more.

With your permission, we will then work out a PROPER FINANCIAL & TIMELINE PLAN that suits you the best!

  • We will share with you how you can qualify for DIRECT DEVELOPER PRICING, especially during the sales gallery preview period, before the project launch.
  • We will update you with the SPECIAL PROMOTIONS on the development if there's any.
  • You will receive the project e-BROCHURE if there's any.

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